The Chakra Wisdom Tarot, while still following a traditional Tarot deck, brings with it all the elements of chakra wisdom that are found in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle. But whereas in the Chakra Wisdom Oracle we look at setting intentions, with the Chakra Wisdom Tarot you can not only read the cards but also fine-tune your awareness to find out exactly where you are in your personal manifesting process.


As we evolve through each chakra we gain a natural sense of where in our body we are holding energy, and the Tarot's divination power gives us ways to work through these issues. The concept of a chakra focus also gives you a new tool to guide others. Finally, as you journey through the Tarot with a deeper perspective, the chakra, and its mysteries, will be unlocked.


This deck tells you where you are on your internal journey, as well as revealing secrets of divination to guide you toward your chosen outcome. The chakra always offers us a window of understanding into our current situation.

Chakra Wisdom Tarot Deck - 78 Cards

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