From Corporate World to Light Workers

Deborah Cherrey and Tricia Szameit have left the corporate world and moved into their roles as light workers. They have been on a continuous journey to expand their abilities and, realizing it is also part of their path to help others on their journey to Expansion, this group was formed. Through weekly collaborative on-line meetings, one-on-one mentoring, and sharing the latest tools and tips they want to help bring you closer to your own Expansion. Sign up today and join this amazing journey! It's a lot easier in a group.


Tricia and Deb have agreed to collaborate with each of you through their individual businesses to help you on your path to Expansion. As a Member you have direct access to each of them, discounts on their services, and private 1-on-1 coaching.

Deborah Cherrey


Tricia Szameit


Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Master Tarot Reader,
and Light Worker

When I couldn’t ignore the nudges of the Universe any longer, I left the corporate world to enjoy a journey of healing, inspiration and empowerment.  As a Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive, Master Tarot Reader, and Blogger I am passionate about living my best life and continue expanding my gifts.  Through my own story of overcoming obstacles as a single mom and taking a leap of faith towards my purpose, my goal is to inspire the personal and professional growth and evolvement of others.  Working with me, I will support you in navigating your own personal journey to find direction through the darkness and create the life of your dreams.  This group is all about expanding on gifts that we all have, but very few tap into.  I look forward to watching your own Expansion through this group.

Psychic, Empath, Medium, Master Tarot Reader,
and Light Worker

As someone who comes from a long and difficult path, where many of my personal life experiences will likely cross one or more of your own stories, I can truly relate to people on a level that has shown to dig deep enough to impact and create change in other's lives. After a battle with health my understanding of the depth of my abilities became more clear. After some time working with mentors, coaches, and other professionals in the industry I have been able to grow stronger than I ever realized was possible. In 2019 my readings took on a more professional touch through Clarification - Readings by Tricia where I offer on-line, written, and group readings. Growth is never ending, so my own search for Expansion is on-going too! I have a strong desire to share what I have learned with others. Collaborating with Deb to create Expansion Group was so organic and fell into place so simply I knew it was the perfect way to help others! Join us, share with us, learn with us, and Expand with us!

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